Dining and shows on the Thames, London.

More than sightseeing, you can also enjoy good food while cruising along the River Thames.

What better way to enjoy lunch or dinner than on a boat and taking in the sights around you? Some Thames boat tours offer tea and breakfast along with the sightseeing. If you are looking for a full meal, though, you may want to check out specific boat tours which feature dinner and even entertainment. Here are some of the premier Thames boat tour operators that offer great dining and entertainment.

Bateaux London

You can choose from the elegant Symphony and the traditional Naticia.

Both boats have their own charm but there is no doubt about it, their lunch and dinner cruises will satisfy both your eyes and your stomach.

On Sundays, diners can listen to live jazz music while enjoying a set three-course meal.

City Cruises

For a relaxing dinner cruise with an accompanying cabaret show, the London Showboat is a good choice. They offer a four-course meal plus a complimentary welcome drink and a half bottle of wine. After your meal, you can dance your way back to London to some of the most popular music played live.

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